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LARES is a unique system which can dramatically improve the listening experience in wide variety of environments. It is a cost-effective means of resolving sound quality challenges in ways that traditional architecture can’t easily accomplish. LARES provides natural sound throughout your venue, ensuring that the acoustical quality is exceptional at every seat. With over 200 spaces already using LARES technology for a variety of purposes, it is the most widely used acoustical enhancement system in the world.

Unlike conventional sound systems, LARES can be invisible—both visually and audibly. The speakers can be hidden in the walls and ceilings, microphones hung high above the performers, and all the electronics can be neatly hidden in another room. Most significantly, the audio quality is equally transparent. The sophisticated digital electronics generate the desired acoustical conditions for your space in a way that never detracts from the performance. The audience will simply experience the rich sound and greater envelopment that enhances listening enjoyment in every seat in the house.

Often a venue must accommodate performances with conflicting acoustical requirements such as music and drama. Under these circumstances, optimum acoustics for varying applications are often difficult to achieve using traditional architectural treatments. LARES offers an extraordinary range of control that allows precise manipulation of all critical acoustical parameters. From music requiring long reverberation times, to dramatic performances which require greater articulation and ambient warmth, the system can be altered to accommodate vastly different needs at the touch of a button. Acoustical parameters can even be adjusted in real time! The LARES solution is extremely affordable and infinitely more flexible than architectural acoustical treatments.

Throughout this website you will see several different venues with significantly diverse acoustical needs which are being solved by the LARES system. From concert halls to opera houses, many different sized houses of worship to sporting arenas, LARES can make the difference between a good venue and a great one. LARES continues to receive critical acclaim from some of the world’s foremost musicians, performers and conductors. Isn’t it time you heard what LARES can do for your venue?
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Adelaide, Australia

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