Wenger V-Room products are music practice and rehearsal environments that use LARES technology to recreate the acoustics of world class venues. V-Room establishes a new paradigm for acquiring and mastering instrumental technique for both musicians and ensembles alike. It frees you from the acoustical confines of small sterile practice rooms, allowing you to experience the warmth and support that good musical acoustics provide. But that is just the beginning - V-Room technology lets you switch the acoustics of your music space like changing channels on a television set. Push a button, and you are transported to center stage. Press another, and you're seated in a gothic cathedral. You can immediately sense how to adapt your playing for differing environments. V-Room Studio and V-Room Rehearsal provide impeccable acoustical simulations of world renown venues, and can be programmed to provide the acoustics of practically any environment.

V-Room is virtual reality for the musician - and it is available today from Wenger. This remarkable and exciting innovation brings all new meaning to the words "practice", "green room", "rehearsal", and "performance".

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